What Are The Most Common Reasons People Change Their Identity?

Most common reasons people choose to live under the radar or take on a new identity. 

Witness Protection
This is one of the common reasons apart from marriage and adoption to change identity legally. It may happen that a person is a witness for a deadly crime and hence the police may offer the person to change his or her identity as a form of security. There has been also noticed in a few cases that not only the person, even other family members are also told to change their identities for the sake of security. Also, extra security is provided to the person but changing the identity is one of the best ways to keep the witness protected from being harmed by the person responsible for the crime.

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Abusive Relationship
There have been so many cases lately of people being tortured to death in an abusive relationship. There are many other cases where the victim may survive and manage to come out of the situation but there is always a risk of the partner trying to bring the person back in the relationship. There are only a very few cases where legal complaints have been recorded by the victim against such relationships. In rest of the cases, the victim tries to solve the problem on his or her own by escaping the situation. In such a case, there are many people who change their location to get out of reach of the partner while there are many others who also change identity to become untraceable to their partners.

Escaping From A Difficult Past
There are a few people who may have a had a difficult past such as being a part of a criminal gang. In such a case, if the person tries to correct his or her image by leading a new life afterward, leaving all the criminal work, it becomes difficult for him or her to manage. The reputation that has been already destroyed takes a lot of time to get corrected and also it may happen that the person has made a lot of enemies who may come tracking him or her down. Hence, in this scenario again, changing identity remains the best alternative to start a new life all over again.

Escaping From Debt
There are so many people in the world today who are burdened by debt. Maximum of these people try to reduce down the debt amount so that slowly the whole debt can be paid out and they can be a free person again. On the other hand, there are some others who change identity in order to get out of the debt cycle and start a new life.

If a person is willing to change the identity due to some legal reasons such as adoption, marriage, citizenship, and others, the procedure is an easy one But there are also these above reasons for which people change identity and for these, there may be procedures that go against the law.

These are some of the most common and obvious reasons for an identity change. But apart from this, there are a number of times when people may change identity for various other reasons. 




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