The Most Typical Reasons Why People Decide to Get a New Identity

In this modern era, it is not that easy to fully erase your identity, except the government is doing it.


Even if the government has consented to provide you with a fresh identity (a new name and social security number) there are still some records in the system that will link your new and old identity. So you may not be that easy to locate, but it does not make it impossible to locate you.

Previously, before the introduction of computerization and the internet, it may have been possible to erase your identity completely. Typically, it is done by taking the identity of a dead infant who was born around the exact same time as the one who would like to switch his identity. But now, everything can be found on the system, which makes it impossible that you get away with something like this.

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Then again, why does anyone want a fresh identity? There are various different responses to that particular question, but here are a few of the most typical reasons why individuals decide to get a new identity:

Domestic violence and abuse

Lots of relationships and unions are falling apart due to a contemptuous conduct of either the man or woman in a relationship. Most of the time, this behavior that is contemptuous could turn into dangerous and incredibly violent, particularly when children are involved.

Avoiding an abusive relationship is clearly seen to be a valid reason for someone to get a new identity. Yet, occasionally it is not so helpful, as the abuser can nevertheless track you down through your relatives and buddies who you must have told about your new location and your new identity. Also, it is also not that easy to change a kid’s name, particularly when the abuser can also be the parent of the kid.


A lot of people believe by switching their identity they can escape from an enormous level of debt, but unfortunately it is not likely to work. When you change your identity lawfully, the government must share your identity with a number of state and federal agencies, including entitlement programs, child support agencies, student loan businesses, the IRS, and state tax bureaus. These records may be obtained by the law enforcement agencies as well as financial institutions like credit bureaus, banks, and collection agencies.

Running Far From Law Enforcement Agencies

This is certainly not going to help, unless you do not change your identity lawfully and you will have to stay out of the system totally, which isn’t an easy thing to do. Law enforcement agencies constantly have their methods to locate their targets even if you figure out a way to stay out the system.


Someone Stole Your Identity

This is likewise thought to be a valid reason for someone to change his/her identity. If you are a casualty of an identity theft and the thief has caused unreasonable damages, then the government can certainly be of help by providing you with a fresh identity.


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