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Six ways to escape big brother

ONE | Without a trace

  • Cash is king, never use a credit cards. Even if you can get hold of an anonymous Visa or Masercard it still would be easy to track you down. Most shops have CCTV cameras installed. If big brother is really looking for you, they just match the time of the transaction with the CCTV camera footage and have a picture of you.
  • Never apply for credit, you give away way to much information.
  • Not even think of shredding documents, authorities or criminals have the abilities to scan all kind of paper pieces and then use sophisticated software to put them all together.
  • Never leave your rubbish outside your home. If someone is after you that is the place they will start looking to find more information about you.

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America, Always Changing

It used to be that people lived by the adage that you should put your best foot forward and live the best life you can, each and every day.

Live life with integrity, be honest and work hard and you will go far. Parents would teach their children that your reputation is all you have so protect it with your life. You can’t go back and change things, you can only move forward and try to do things better. In this ever changing world we live in, even this time honored advice has gotten old. Instead, many people are finding that when they don’t live life with integrity, when they aren’t honest and they wind up in financial trouble, or trouble with the law, or caught up with a bad crowd, there may not be a way to go back and fix it, but there is certainly a way to erase it and start over. Continue reading America, Always Changing