Stay Under The Radar With These 7 Quick Tips

Fed up with relentless infiltration of your privacy? Clearly, our government and the global community have no problems with spying on you.


They would possibly love to even eavesdrop to every distinct thought that crosses your mind. Personal independence has been on the receiving end ever since the impression of governance was born. With the voting, we are only trying to take back our long stolen freedom. We have deliberately created one mammoth global government and it is plainly impossible to turn back now. However, you don’t have to suffer on the receiving end of our invasive governments.

These 7 tips will help you stay under or even out of their radar.

1. Leave no traces
The best way to rid of traces is mostly dealing in cash. Any documents that are not vital should not be kept, instead, shred them. As you shred make certain that they are not only unsystematic but crosscut too. Because there are computer program proficient to piece together paper shreds, it is better to burn delicate documents after you shred them.

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2. Stay away from the internet
The fact that you are reading these means that you are most likely online frequently. Be wary as far as the emails go, they are some of the easiest things to cut off. When you say something online just make sure it is something that would not concern you if it was all over the media.

3. Live modestly
Do not draw attention to yourself. Huge and overly lavish stuff is nothing but a red flag. Do not give the impression that you have a lot of property; make the administration think you are not worth another look.

4. Use a mail drop
Some mail facilities provide you with a safe and private mailbox. This will go a long way in helping you avoid using the registered P.O box or home address.

5. Always be on the move
Constant traveling is one of the best tips to stay off the radar. Do not be in one dwelling long enough to be a dweller legitimately. You can also contemplate the use of tax havens all around the world to keep your finances.

6. Obscurity with credit cards
You can get unsigned credit cards easily online. You can buy them using prepaid funds and e-mail address. Funds will be added to the account and the card number and expiration dates are e-mailed to you. The security with these cards is much lower; this due to the fact that anyone who gets the numbers is capable of using it. There is also the lack of resource since there isn’t an ID assigned to the card. This means that the card holder is the one who owns the cash. However, you should advisably avoid sharing the number as this keeps the funds low.

7. Get a  Fake passport
A counterfeit passport can actually be acquired legitimately. Disguise passports are mostly from countries that do not exist any longer. They are made to look as genuine as possible; enough to help someone hide their identity in cases of a riot, a hijack or such circumstances .Supporting papers are also available to endorse the camouflage passport. These are documents like a driver’s license.

We would love to hear from anyone with any useful tricks and tips about staying under the radar. Leave a comment below and enlighten us on how you stay away from the spying eye of the government or similar establishment.


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