Six ways to escape big brother

ONE | Without a trace

  • Cash is king, never use a credit cards. Even if you can get hold of an anonymous Visa or Masercard it still would be easy to track you down. Most shops have CCTV cameras installed. If big brother is really looking for you, they just match the time of the transaction with the CCTV camera footage and have a picture of you.
  • Never apply for credit, you give away way to much information.
  • Not even think of shredding documents, authorities or criminals have the abilities to scan all kind of paper pieces and then use sophisticated software to put them all together.
  • Never leave your rubbish outside your home. If someone is after you that is the place they will start looking to find more information about you.

TWO | Stay safe online

  • When you access the internet make sure you never use your real name. Gmail or Hotmail are a great way getting an anonymous email address.

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  • Use an anonymous VPN connection (e.g. will do the job). This will hide your real IP address as well make it almost impossible for somebody spying on your wifi connection to collect secret information about you.

THREE | Give up the Perks

  • Say no to customer reward programs. Those programs are called data mining for a reason. The worst case scenario would be using an airline credit card to collect reward points. You give them in real time updates on your location, habits etc .
  • Don’t use an ATM card. The ATM machine will take picture of you every time you withdraw money. This picture will be stored with the transaction time, date and location. Some evil people in the past were disputing ATM transaction even they were withdrawing money. Those pictures are used to see who really took out the money. But it’s also used by big bother to keep an eye on you.

FOUR | Average life

  • One of the best ways to live under the radar is to adapt to your local community. You have to find the balance between engaging with your neighbors and people you get in contact with everyday without revealing any detailed information about you at the same time not to make them suspicious.
  • Don’t show off money (big cars, yachts, villas) life the average life.

FIVE | Become a Diplomat

  • It’s hard to believe but some countries in Southern Africa allow foreigners to become diplomats for a cash payment of 75000 euros.  Your house or apartment wherever you live will become consulate and inaccessible to the authorities. You will also not have to pay tax on any money you earn outside of your country of residence.

SIX | Buy a Passport

  • If you have some spare money you can legally buy a passport issued by the Austrian government. Just invest more than 1 million USD and you will be fine. Having a foreign passport might help you to pay less or no tax whatsoever in the USA.


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