Escaping Gang Life by Changing Identity

Escaping gang life can be very difficult. It involves a very lengthy and tedious process because it needs preparation. And other members of the gang simply do not want you out and they would not be very pleased of your escape. But if your life is at stake, you need identity change to brush off your co-members. No matter where you run and hide, life can catch up with you sooner or later if your identity remains the same. If you do change your identity, you have to make sure you do so with care and utmost secrecy. The lesser people involved the lesser chances of getting exposed.


Before you escape and disappear, you have to make preparations. Save money and acquire resources needed for your escape and change of identity. Make sure you do not leave any paper trail that could be traced back to you. Learn new skills that are useful to your new life. Make sure you inform no one of your plans even your closest confidante unless you plan of bringing someone else in your escape. Continue reading Escaping Gang Life by Changing Identity

Gang Life to New Life

I promise to myself that I have a life full of success in the future. I could have a happy family of my own.

I could provide the necessary needs of their daily life. We could go together with my family to dine in the finest restaurant. On weekends we could plan for picnic in the park, camping in the mountains or going to the beach. I could provide a best education for my children. These are my hopes and promises in my life. I know I’m still young to tell what life I want in the future. But I am preparing for my better future. That was I told to myself when my family still intact.

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Debt Nightmare

My debt Nightmare I started to get into debt when I was still at university. I was young and I just wanted to enjoy life.


All my friends did they same, credit was just so easy available to us at that time. Once I graduated from university in 2007 I had a total debt of $30 000 USD. I was not worried at all as I was expecting to get a well paying job fast. I have a degree in Business Management (BA with honors). I started to apply for work online. I felt very confident, that it would not take more than a couple of weeks for me to find a decent job at some multinational company. Continue reading Debt Nightmare

America, Always Changing

It used to be that people lived by the adage that you should put your best foot forward and live the best life you can, each and every day.

Live life with integrity, be honest and work hard and you will go far. Parents would teach their children that your reputation is all you have so protect it with your life. You can’t go back and change things, you can only move forward and try to do things better. In this ever changing world we live in, even this time honored advice has gotten old. Instead, many people are finding that when they don’t live life with integrity, when they aren’t honest and they wind up in financial trouble, or trouble with the law, or caught up with a bad crowd, there may not be a way to go back and fix it, but there is certainly a way to erase it and start over. Continue reading America, Always Changing

How to disappear

There are many cases where people changed their identity or faked their own death, which can be traced back hundreds of years.

It used to be so easy to get a new identity before the digital age. Sometimes people just moved to a new state or country and were never found again. Creating fake documents was easy; authorities had no central data bases to verify their authenticity.

Governments did not work as closely together and exchanged information as they do nowadays. It was paradise for people who wanted to leave their old identity behind them and start over. Continue reading How to disappear