Is It Really Possible To Start Over With A New Identity?

Change of identity is, in some circumstances, the best way to get a second chance at life and move on from all your problems.


While it is virtually impossible to disappear from the radar altogether due to todays technology, it is possibly to carve a new identity for yourself and, with due diligence and care effectively disappear.

It is however important that you first plan out the whole process and understand the possible legal ramifications of your actions. It is also imperative that one understands that the disappearance can only be within some limits as you can always be identified using biometrics.

Whether just to escape debt, evade corrupt law enforcers turning your life into a living hell or disappear from the bail bondsman’s radar, the first step is finding out the exact identity you want you assume.

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It is also important that you manage the process carefully to avoid raising any suspicions over an abrupt disappearance. This is done by living a drama free life for a while and keeping your social connections to minimum for the period immediately preceding the disappearance. Limiting your social connections also includes cutting ties with family and close friends.

For the period preceding the identity change it is also important that one minimizes connections with the life they are trying to leave by limiting the use of credit cards, loyalty cards, convenience cards and any other identity bearing cards.

Destroying as much of the old you as possible is also a great way to prepare for your disappearance. Destroying old photos of yourself, destroying any identifying old clothes you owned and disposing off of your car are some of the ways to destroy your old self.

It is also important that you create disinformation to throw off any skip tracers that may be on to you. Skip tracers rely on information to trace you, so the moment you fudge information people and corporations have on you; it is highly unlikely that any tracer will want to continue to look in the wrong places.

It is crucial that you think through the identity you want to assume. Experts recommend that the best way to assume a new identity is find one already in existence that is not being used. This makes the obituaries an easy place to find a new identity.

An ideal identity would be one belonging to a lonely dead person of around the same age and physique as you. Gas operators with no traceable relatives have proved to be easy targets. After obtaining the profile of the dead person, one can obtain a fake identity card locally. Online sites that promise fake identity cards are most often scams and the quality is often compromised.


It is crucial that you relocate from your current location of residency and find a location from which you are least likely to be discovered to succeed in the change of identity. Your new location should be secret even to your closest associates. It is easy to adapt to your new identity depending on the one you choose.


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