How To Live Below The Radar

We all never pay any attention to the fact that we are all known by some certain identities. Most of the times it is our name that tends to our identities.


Our social security numbers, our thumb impressions and our retina are some of the other ways to find out our identities. People say that the most difficult thing to do in this world is to run from yourself. Earlier I was not very sure about the fact and did not understand the meaning of the statement. But now I have fully understood the meaning of the statement and from my perspective, it means that it is pretty difficult to run from your own identity, which has more or less become your own shadow.

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This can be fairly understood by asking those who are running from the authorities, as they are neck deep in jail and have no clue what to do. If you ask such persons about what they really want at that stage of life then they would say that they want to change their identity and that too as soon as possible. But changing an identity is not that easy as shown in our movies. It takes a hell lot of courage as well as conviction in order to do so.
The first and the foremost thing is to erase your data as much as possible. For that one needs to pass a small electrical transient charge through the card and your card will become a total waste.

Next in the line is to change your get up and your appearance. It is important that you have a good look at yourself in the mirror and then start changing your persona. If you have a short crop or long hair then go bald and if you are bald, go for a normal looking wig and remember that the wig should not be a jazzy one. Also, if you have a characteristic beard or a moustache then remove it and if you do not have then try to grow one. Next you also need to change the color of your eyes and you can wear a lens for that. Thus, you should absolutely normal and yet absolutely different.


Many of the persons with the idea of changing their persona start wearing goofy clothes and attract more heat. It should be remembered that anything out of ordinary will definitely attract more attention.

The last and the final step is to get to the nearest port and find a way to bribe the person there, so that he can deport you to Hawaii inside a container. This way you will get to Hawaii and the authorities standing at airports and stations will have no clue about it.

In Hawaii, you can start a brand new life and can get a social security card and a new number. This way you will not have to repay all the debts that you have had and you can still be as free as a bird.


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