How Debt Made Me Live Under The Radar And Change My Identity

Life can be really unpredictable when it comes to having your own business and managing with your own money every day.


Having a month salary and managing with it is totally different than having a whole profit of your own company and trying to managing with it the best you can.

Somehow, after a great years of working, my company when to debt and my whole life change. I spent many years to trying to fix this mess and trying to fix my credit score. But, in this situation even if you are trying to find a solution sometimes you think that everything is against you and that there is no solution for this situation at all. Your friends and family sometimes could surprise you with their attitude, when you are in a bad situation like this. After end up in a big debt I realized who my true friends are and who are here to support me when I’m having the most difficult time in my life.

Unfortunately, in my situation I understood that I do not have a lot of friends that will help me to fix this problem with debt and continue trying to succeed in my life. Also, I did not felt any support from some of my family members and that was the biggest thing that actually hurts me.

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When I understood that I cannot count to anyone that I knew it that period, I decided to do some big step that will definitely change my life. I decided to change my identity and escape from this big debt that was hunting me even in my dreams. I did this big step and I changed my name, surname and date of birth. I knew it that changing my identity will change my life and everything that I was having till that moment, but believe it or not I was seeing this like my only change to fix my debt and move on in my life even if the cost for moving on is new identity and new life.

My family and some of my friends that I told them what I’m planning to do, did not understand me and they were trying to convince me to not change my identity and find some other solution. At the end I did not listen to them and I did this big change in my life by change my identity. It is really incredible what people can do for escaping from debts. After I change my identity I understood that many people actually did the same thing like me. Definitely,



I do not blame them. I’m totally understandable person and those people who were saying that this is really stupid move, did not understand my situation and they never felt all things that I felt and had being through in those moments. I was horrified that something like this could happen to a responsible person like me, but never say never.

I do not want anyone else to have some debt in their lives and to feel all mixed things and feelings that I felt. Now, with my new identity I just help myself to start from beginning and to be more successful than before.