How a father changed his identity to escape debts

According to experts, the human being is not formatted to go off his own limits. They evoke a jar in which the human creates his own limits. Limits, a man is ignored. Living “hell”, he decided to leave everything there about ten years. It is now under another identity he resurfaced and gave an interview with a Journalist.


“You never die, we only change in nature as one changes
panties and end of a being is always the beginning of a new life form,” wrote Pierre Chatillon (from “Philédor Beausoleil” Paris, editions Robert Laffont, 1978). This quote, a man was put into practice. Of course, he did not die but he killed his identity to escape from debts, a fictitious identity with which he lives, now for ten years.


Do not show “It was hell” wanting to remain anonymous, the man said in an exclusive interview with a Journalist that his situation “could not last.” So he made a plan to go away from home, hide and give birth to this new man for whom life has finally smiled. In the late 1990s, he lived in the suburbs.

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He was married and was the father of “a boy with Down syndrome.” However, this father confessed that it was not what family background who did leave his old life, but especially money: “I was deeply in debt with credit so that whatever I earned was taken by my bank earlier this month. “But his marriage has also played a role in this decision. Indeed, the man confessed that his “wife [the] hated. She had come to conclusion that the disease of his son was his fault.”


Financial problems and marital status, which did not suit him or was not suitable. Aggravating consequences as “problems with Drugs and alcohol.” “It was hell,” in the words of this man. “A new man” How then to escape from a life that does not fit? Of course, like many people burnt, he had considered suicide. But the fatal outcome has given way to a different way out: exile or in other words, a new life. Leaving Home to Find. “One day, I had an idea into a table lamp on the birth certificate of a colleague. I took it and I photocopied. With that, I got a new identity.” Now it is in the Aude he saw. He remarried and explained everything to his new wife because he “could not live with it without being ‘clear’.”A decision that the bride fully understand, It is as a “new man” that is seen today. A man with “a good job and a quiet life” away from his past, a past he has also set aside, tried to forget.

But a man without a past is a man without history and therefore no future. That is why he has reconnected with his brother, there are two years ago: “I called my brother a phone booth he was surprised, he thought I was dead.”

However, this loophole is not the dream of a lifetime as he lives, all the same, with the daily fear of being discovered. This is why it “continues to take precautions” using a minimum of “things that could be” traced “. But in the end it “emptied the abscess existed with his wife’s family
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