Gang Life to New Life

I promise to myself that I have a life full of success in the future. I could have a happy family of my own.

I could provide the necessary needs of their daily life. We could go together with my family to dine in the finest restaurant. On weekends we could plan for picnic in the park, camping in the mountains or going to the beach. I could provide a best education for my children. These are my hopes and promises in my life. I know I’m still young to tell what life I want in the future. But I am preparing for my better future. That was I told to myself when my family still intact.

My hopes were shattered when my mother left home. My father was involved in drugs and get addicted to it. Because of that he lost his job and sometimes abuses my mother. Maybe my mother can’t take it anymore and left us but I wish she brought me along with her. I have to stop from going to school because we can’t pay for the school fees. I end up in the streets and make with my so called friends.

Some of them are the same with me they have a broken family. They recruit me to join in the gang I was hesitated at first but they persuade me. A life of being in the gang is different from what I promise to myself. I learned how to use such dangerous weapons and use to fight. I’ve been in a riot drip with blood and my hands full of bloods. I went in prison for couple of months. Some of my friends died because of this gang. I have many enemies. It was completely opposite of what I want with my life.

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I want to quit and start a new life. I want to pursue of what I really want to do. My friends told me that once I join in this gang I can’t run away anymore. I don’t want that kind of excuse for my future. I know there is always a hope for me. I moved away and start a part time job as a waiter in the restaurant. After couple of months they put me in the kitchen and became good friends with the chef. He taught me how to cook different kinds of cuisine and I learn faster than I thought.

I tell my story to the chef about my gang life and he was kind enough to help me. He told me that I should change my identity to get away from those gangs and could have a new life. I agree with him, I want to start a new life from a different person but the same promise I made from my old life. My new life starts one step at a time and I got a new position in the restaurant as an assistant chef.

If I could save enough money I want to put up my own restaurant and the success will go forward one step at a time.

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