Escaping Gang Life by Changing Identity

Escaping gang life can be very difficult. It involves a very lengthy and tedious process because it needs preparation. And other members of the gang simply do not want you out and they would not be very pleased of your escape. But if your life is at stake, you need identity change to brush off your co-members. No matter where you run and hide, life can catch up with you sooner or later if your identity remains the same. If you do change your identity, you have to make sure you do so with care and utmost secrecy. The lesser people involved the lesser chances of getting exposed.


Before you escape and disappear, you have to make preparations. Save money and acquire resources needed for your escape and change of identity. Make sure you do not leave any paper trail that could be traced back to you. Learn new skills that are useful to your new life. Make sure you inform no one of your plans even your closest confidante unless you plan of bringing someone else in your escape.

Changing of name

Legally, governments allow people to change their identities for some very important cases. For example if you sign up for Witness Protection Program, the government changes your name and address. You can also file before the courts for a change in name. However, you would have to appear before court hearings. You would also have to make your change of identity public. While your name will be changed, your SSN remains the same.

But, if you convince law enforcement officers that your life is in danger unless you change identity, they would give you pertinent paperwork for the Social Security Administration to change your social security number. There are private agencies that could help you change your identity legally and secretly. You can tap these agencies if you do not want your old name to be connected to your new one while acquiring your papers legally.

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Illegally, there are several ways to change identity. These include “ghosting” or paper tripping where you use the identity of a dead person to replace yours. You can also use fake IDs and passports. However, you should be wary of getting caught because of the advancement in technology. Deaths are now documented in database systems for easy access. It is easy to fake IDs because every state in the US has a different ID system. However, the verification systems have also become sophisticated for law enforcement officers to easily detect the fake IDs.

Another way to change your identity is to steal someone else’s identity. You just grab the person’s social security number, address and phone number. After, you apply for paper work using a variety of reasons including lost documents. However, you have to make sure that you have similar profile to the person you wish to copy. Illegally changing your identity could get you behind bars. You’ll be doing some really serious jail time. Plus, you would have less chances of escaping gang life.

Changing your Lifestyle

Changing your name is the least of your problems. Changing your identity also entails a change in habits and lifestyle. Our habits are like patterns that make our identity. They are like breadcrumbs that could trace back to you. Make a change by learning a new language or getting an accent. Be ambidextrous. Learn new hobbies. Get a new haircut. Change your sense of fashion. Keep a very low profile without becoming a subject of suspicious eyes.

Leave Everything Behind

Sever your ties and move. Lose all your connections and present communications. And move to a nearby place where you can blend easily using your new identity. Make sure your new address does not have members or affiliates of your gang. Once you have moved, move on and do not look back unless you want to expose yourself.


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