Changing My Identity

Hi. I’ve fallen prey to the debt trap. The process was slow, and I realized only until it was too late. Now, the only solution I see ahead of me is to change identity – Yes, I had to change my identity. Change my name, address and job; throw away all my ID proofs- and finally get away from my blood leeching bank and harassing neighbors and friends.


I now recall my parents teaching me about savings and how I always ignored their advice. Striving on the credit card of my father,

I lived a lavish life. The money I got off small internships was all spent away in one night. Then, one day my dad took away his credit card. Of course, I knew all his details by heart. Next month, he swore to change his card, and so he did. By then, I had graduated and got a placement in a good company as an HR manager.

visa-cardMy colleagues told me to make my own card. Gullible as I am, I made myself a new card. I told myself that the card was for emergencies only when I bought it.

But who was I kidding? I found myself very soon using the card to make the tinniest of purchases. My salary could repay the bill for quite a few months. But as I got hooked onto internet shopping I found myself using more than 50 percent of my salary to meet my credit card bills. Living by myself, I didn’t need a lot of my salary, anyway. If only I had realized that this was the time to cut down my expenses.

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I decided, instead, to only pay the minimum amount due. A risky trap, I finally reached a point where I couldn’t pay the bills anymore. The credit card companies began to threaten me with the charges I would face for defaulting the law. They even showed up to work! So, I took a short term loan to get rid of them. As the rate of interest is higher, I was not exactly in a better position than before. I began to borrow money from my neighbors and friends and started using their money to pay interests and house rent.


As of today, I have 0 disposable income. I am even ashamed to meet my friends or go home, in case I run into my neighbors. So now, my plan is to disappear- Legally and Physically.

Should I change identity?

I am not sure but it sometimes feels the right thing to do.