Change Identity Reasons You Probably Never Thought About

Sometimes we may wonder why some people change their identities. Imagine finding out a friend has an alias or a different identity, surreal isn’t it?

There might most likely be a reason for. This article is going to highlight the most common reasons why many people change their identities.

Credit issues, Some people might change their identity because they are trying to evade the government because of bad credit or other credit-related issues.

Illegal Activities, People who engage in illegal and unlawful activities often see the need to conceal or change their identity for fear of being caught. The law is always on the lookout for people who engage in unlawful and illegal activities such as cybercrime, identity theft, money laundering and other illegal practices, and this is a steady hazard for those who engage in such practices, and this might warrant a change in identity for the criminals in question.

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Illegitimate or unwanted fame, People who have suddenly become famous for something they are not particularly proud of may often want to change their identities. Some people who got famous for the wrong reasons, like funny videos, fashion blunders, or social media rants, might be uncomfortable with the attention fame brings, and this may push them to get an identity change.

Being on the run, Criminals, and people who may have committed a serious crime like murder, homicide, and other felonies will most likely change their identity to avoid getting apprehended by the law. Many criminals change their identities in a bid to escape the law, some even go as far as engaging in plastic surgery in an attempt to escape being caught and facing the penalties for their crimes Witness protection, People who witnessed a gruesome crime are constantly under threat because they are witnesses and are most likely being used as witnesses in the law court.

They might face a threat to their lives either directly from the criminal in question or his accomplices, and this creates a great need for a change of identity. Witness protection programs are often funded and initiated by the government and are one of the few cases where a change of identity is lawful Abusive relationships, Although this happens mainly to females, men can also be seeking to escape from an abusive relationship.

People are increasingly getting both physically and mentally abused by their partners, and no one should endure this, you may report any abusive relationship or partner to the police, and a restraining order against such a partner can be approved. Sometimes, even restraining orders might not be able to keep an abusive partner away, and in a bid to leave an abusive partner that will not back off, identity change might be the next best thing. Gang life, It is not uncommon to find individuals who are being forced into engaging in gang-related activities.

Change of identity is one of the most effective ways to avoid getting involved in gang-related activities or to escape gang life.

If you are being forced or persuaded to join a gang you are not willing to be a part of, you may have to change your identity via legal means and move to another location.

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