Becoming Someone Else By Changing Identities

I sat there just looking at my credit report sitting in my hands and cried. I knew I had made a lot of mistakes, and I owed thousands and thousands of dollars in credit cards and other loans. I was doing pretty good at first and had a good job and could afford my bills. But now, I had lost my job several months ago and here I sat with bills in hand and no way to pay them.

Time to Form a Plan

change-identityI had bill collectors calling and demanding money every day and thought that the only thing I could do was maybe to somehow change identity and move away from all this horrible mess. But how could I do that? Would it be possible? And could I ever get a job someplace else even? I didn’t know, but I decided to do some research and find out. I had to take some time to form a change identity plan of action.

First, I discovered a lot of places on the Internet that claim they would help me to do things like get a new social security number but I was scared they were fake and besides, I was broke and if I had that much money I would have paid off my bills and wouldn’t have to change identity. So, that idea was out. The government won’t let you change your social security number legally unless you are a victim of identity theft and then there would be a way for the bill collectors to find me anyway.

Plus, it’s not so simple to change identity as it used to be before computers and the Internet. In the past I could have found a grave of a baby born the same year as me and just used that info to get a new card, new ID, new driver’s license, etc., but now that information could be found online and I wouldn’t get by with it. But I had to do something! I wanted to just move away to some exotic island or maybe to a place where there wasn’t any computers like an old fashioned village in some third world country. I was that desperate.

Moving Away From My Home

I discovered that even though I could move away, I needed to change identity even more by changing the job that I did for a living and totally immersing myself into that new job and identity. So, I scraped up what I could and I just got into my car and drove across the Mexican border, on down to Central America and got to the little country of Haiti. It’s a very poor country, but they welcomed anyone with medical knowledge and so I became a local doctor, or at least they thought I was a doctor and I had been working in a hospital before I lost my job and I knew a little bit about herbal medicine too.

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So, now I am happily the doctor here, although I am living in poverty compared to my former home, but I don’t care because there are no phone calls from bill collectors and everyone here likes and respects me and I never plan to go back to my former life again.

I had no spouse or kids and no one misses me anyway, so this is a way to redeem myself and live in my change identity existence.

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