How To Change Your Identity?

There are times when problems become difficult to overcome, when all you want is a peaceful life. The difficulties have the ability to make your life hell and conventional strategies don’t help to get your life on track.

Many people prefer to go for an identity change, a reason “change my identity” has numerous hits and results in Google. When I checked out a few results, I realized many have valid reasons to have a fresh start.


It could be due their name being in police records spoiling their career, for something they did for fun during their teen years, to escape a stalker and lead a normal life, escaping the clutches of financial obligations, etc. There are better reasons like witnessing a crime and changing their identity to escape being a target of a hit man, or to escape from authorities, etc. Basically, identity change is not the only way to escape such issues when there are other ways to handle it legally.

I want to reiterate that while there are ways to do an identity change legally, if it is for trying illegal stuff, you are probably setting up yourself for more danger.

If you’ve read books on changing your identity, you have probably read about creating fake ID and editing documents like birth certificate, obtaining new DL, etc. in fact, some books even went ahead and suggested you could use a different SSN. But truth should be told – it won’t work! It is no longer 19th century where such things can be done and with digitization of records, forging documents could only get one arrested!

Driver’s license isn’t really tough to get, rather SSN is. Though the books suggest creating a new SSN with your imagination, it doesn’t work! If you honestly thought you could conjure a SSN with your imagination by mixing up numbers, you are terribly wrong and ignorant. In fact, I paid $35 for a book on changing one’s ID and realized all the suggestions given in the book were downright atrocious, stupid and ridiculous – none would work. A total waste of 170 pages, can you imagine? The only good thing it had was advices on handling money, which were quite useful for me.


On the other hand, ‘Change Identity Bible‘ is a practical and thorough guide that details easy, legal and practical ways to change your identity and live in virtual hiding. In fact, all the advice given is practical and useful, unlike books I’ve read in the past. Also, it explains how one can get another SSN in one hour or lesser.

I would never read 100+ pages of content that isn’t useful or worthy. This is by far the best book out there on this topic! It has detailed guidelines on strategies you could try in this modern era.

Do you know your identity could be changed without obtaining DL or birth certificate? However, if you take enough time, you could soon live legally and like everyone else does. On the other hand, using forged documents isn’t going to work.

All the ideas given in the book are legal and you won’t end up behind bars if you follow them. You can enjoy freedom once more and even enroll your kids in schools or do whatever you want.

I am really happy to have come across the guide penned by Peter Bergmann. The information given there was useful and I now have a stable job, and have money to afford a rented premise and car.

Yes, it might take time to live ANONYMOUSLY AND LEGALLY, though it is what you long for right?

Want to change your ID? Visit ‘’ NOW.


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