How To Change Your Identity?

People normally choose to hide and take on a new identity, if they are in serious trouble.

Such as debt, abusive relationships or even people who came in contact with the law.

The only issue with identity change is that it’s a topic people almost don’t talk about. Who would admit that they are just planning to change their identity? After people have taking on a new identity, they will not tell their new friends, I used to live under a different name in the past. So it is very difficult to get any reliable information.

Most books written include highly illegal identity change methods. Many people ended up in jail, as they took on an identity of somebody who has passed away. Those methods are not only illegal, there are also unethical.

In the book written by Peter Bergmann, only legal as well ethical methods are used to take on a new identity.

Again, it takes time, but TO LIVE LEGALLY AND ANONYMOUSLY as long as you want IS what we are aiming for anyway?

If you want to learn more on how to get a new identity legally just visit ‘’.


The Relationship That Forced Me to Change My Identity and Life Forever

What makes me write this experience is that to tell those who are out there that it is possible to get out of an abusive relationship.


For many years, I was abusive by someone very close to me, my husband. I eventually had to change my identity so that once I run always and got rid of him, I was ensured of safety and also I could continue with a normal life. An abusive relationship is something that no one would want to go through, whether it with your friend, your parents, close relatives or even partner. Continue reading

Changing My Identity

Hi. I’ve fallen prey to the debt trap. The process was slow, and I realized only until it was too late. Now, the only solution I see ahead of me is to change identity – Yes, I had to change my identity. Change my name, address and job; throw away all my ID proofs- and finally get away from my blood leeching bank and harassing neighbors and friends.



I now recall my parents teaching me about savings and how I always ignored their advice. Striving on the credit card of my father, Continue reading

Six ways to escape big brother

ONE | Without a trace

  • Cash is king, never use a credit cards. Even if you can get hold of an anonymous Visa or Masercard it still would be easy to track you down. Most shops have CCTV cameras installed. If big brother is really looking for you, they just match the time of the transaction with the CCTV camera footage and have a picture of you.
  • Never apply for credit, you give away way to much information.
  • Not even think of shredding documents, authorities or criminals have the abilities to scan all kind of paper pieces and then use sophisticated software to put them all together.
  • Never leave your rubbish outside your home. If someone is after you that is the place they will start looking to find more information about you.

TWO | Stay safe online

  • When you access the internet make sure you never use your real name. Gmail or Hotmail are a great way getting an anonymous email address.
  • Use an anonymous VPN connection (e.g. will do the job). This will hide your real IP address as well make it almost impossible for somebody spying on your wifi connection to collect secret information about you.

THREE | Give up the Perks

  • Say no to customer reward programs. Those programs are called data mining for a reason. The worst case scenario would be using an airline credit card to collect reward points. You give them in real time updates on your location, habits etc .
  • Don’t use an ATM card. The ATM machine will take picture of you every time you withdraw money. This picture will be stored with the transaction time, date and location. Some evil people in the past were disputing ATM transaction even they were withdrawing money. Those pictures are used to see who really took out the money. But it’s also used by big bother to keep an eye on you.

FOUR | Average life

  • One of the best ways to live under the radar is to adapt to your local community. You have to find the balance between engaging with your neighbors and people you get in contact with everyday without revealing any detailed information about you at the same time not to make them suspicious.
  • Don’t show off money (big cars, yachts, villas) life the average life.

FIVE | Become a Diplomat

  • It’s hard to believe but some countries in Southern Africa allow foreigners to become diplomats for a cash payment of 75000 euros.  Your house or apartment wherever you live will become consulate and inaccessible to the authorities. You will also not have to pay tax on any money you earn outside of your country of residence.

SIX | Buy a Passport

  • If you have some spare money you can legally buy a passport issued by the Austrian government. Just invest more than 1 million USD and you will be fine. Having a foreign passport might help you to pay less or no tax whatsoever in the USA.


Becoming Someone Else By Changing Identities

I sat there just looking at my credit report sitting in my hands and cried. I knew I had made a lot of mistakes, and I owed thousands and thousands of dollars in credit cards and other loans. I was doing pretty good at first and had a good job and could afford my bills. But now, I had lost my job several months ago and here I sat with bills in hand and no way to pay them.

Time to Form a Plan

change-identityI had bill collectors calling and demanding money every day and thought that the only thing I could do was maybe to somehow change identity and move away from all this horrible mess. But how could I do that? Would it be possible? And could I ever get a job someplace else even? I didn’t know, but I decided to do some research and find out. I had to take some time to form a change identity plan of action.

First, I discovered a lot of places on the Internet that claim they would help me to do things like get a new social security number but I was scared they were fake and besides, I was broke and if I had that much money I would have paid off my bills and wouldn’t have to change identity. So, that idea was out. The government won’t let you change your social security number legally unless you are a victim of identity theft and then there would be a way for the bill collectors to find me anyway.

Plus, it’s not so simple to change identity as it used to be before computers and the Internet. In the past I could have found a grave of a baby born the same year as me and just used that info to get a new card, new ID, new driver’s license, etc., but now that information could be found online and I wouldn’t get by with it. But I had to do something! Continue reading

Escaping Gang Life by Changing Identity

Escaping gang life can be very difficult. It involves a very lengthy and tedious process because it needs preparation. And other members of the gang simply do not want you out and they would not be very pleased of your escape. But if your life is at stake, you need identity change to brush off your co-members. No matter where you run and hide, life can catch up with you sooner or later if your identity remains the same. If you do change your identity, you have to make sure you do so with care and utmost secrecy. The lesser people involved the lesser chances of getting exposed.


Before you escape and disappear, you have to make preparations. Save money and acquire resources needed for your escape and change of identity. Make sure you do not leave any paper trail that could be traced back to you. Learn new skills that are useful to your new life. Make sure you inform no one of your plans even your closest confidante unless you plan of bringing someone else in your escape. Continue reading

Gang Life to New Life

I promise to myself that I have a life full of success in the future. I could have a happy family of my own.

I could provide the necessary needs of their daily life. We could go together with my family to dine in the finest restaurant. On weekends we could plan for picnic in the park, camping in the mountains or going to the beach. I could provide a best education for my children. These are my hopes and promises in my life. I know I’m still young to tell what life I want in the future. But I am preparing for my better future. That was I told to myself when my family still intact.

Continue reading

Debt Nightmare

My debt Nightmare I started to get into debt when I was still at university. I was young and I just wanted to enjoy life.

All my friends did they same, credit was just so easy available to us at that time. Once I graduated from university in 2007 I had a total debt of $30 000 USD. I was not worried at all as I was expecting to get a well paying job fast. I have a degree in Business Management (BA with honors). I started to apply for work online. I felt very confident, that it would not take more than a couple of weeks for me to find a decent job at some multinational company. Continue reading

America, Always Changing

It used to be that people lived by the adage that you should put your best foot forward and live the best life you can, each and every day.

Live life with integrity, be honest and work hard and you will go far. Parents would teach their children that your reputation is all you have so protect it with your life. You can’t go back and change things, you can only move forward and try to do things better. In this ever changing world we live in, even this time honored advice has gotten old. Instead, many people are finding that when they don’t live life with integrity, when they aren’t honest and they wind up in financial trouble, or trouble with the law, or caught up with a bad crowd, there may not be a way to go back and fix it, but there is certainly a way to erase it and start over. Continue reading

How to disappear

There are many cases where people changed their identity or faked their own death, which can be traced back hundreds of years.

It used to be so easy to get a new identity before the digital age. Sometimes people just moved to a new state or country and were never found again. Creating fake documents was easy; authorities had no central data bases to verify their authenticity.

Governments did not work as closely together and exchanged information as they do nowadays. It was paradise for people who wanted to leave their old identity behind them and start over. Continue reading